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Data Center & Recovery

Safeguarding Your Business against Unexpected Disruptions at All Times

In today's highly competitive corporate world, you need to make sure that your business is accessible 24x7. Business continuity is essential. Downtime due to unplanned events can result in loss of data, productivity, security, revenues, and customers.

Did you know that an hour of business downtime can cost:

Downtime for businesses of all sizes and scopes across industries is costly. That's why it is crucial to work with a partner that specializes in data backup and recovery services. And this is what we do the best. 

ITC provides you with complete and comprehensive solutions that recover your business from a disaster and protect it from its worst effects. With data center and recovery solutions from ITC, you can rest easy knowing your business will never sleep.

Services Designed to Ensure Business Continuity Even after Disaster Strikes

Whether man-made or natural, we make sure that your business is prepared for all kinds of disasters and never experiences long hours of downtime.

Therefore, in the event of an unplanned interruption at the primary location, all operational activities are switched to our backup data center, ensuring that the unavailability of services is limited to the absolute minimum. 

Our data center and recovery services eliminate the risk and offer your business excellent IT security and more work comfort. At ITC, our goal is to protect your business against any adverse effects caused by infrastructure failure or unexpected events. Hence, you never have to worry about losing your crucial data and business information and starting all over again.

Our services data center and recovery solutions provide:

Benefits for Your Business

We take a comprehensive approach to protect your business from downtime. At ITC, we have access to various power tools to ensure your computers, data, and network are backed up consistently for fast and efficient recovery when needed. Our experts work with you cohesively to offer customized solutions that benefit your business in many ways. These include:

So protect your data and your business from today. With us, be sure that your business continuity is second to none.

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