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Europe Accelerating Cellular Upgrade to LTE and LTE-Advanced

The drive to upgrade cellular networks to LTE is not limited to the United States, of course. Indeed, activity in Europe on LTE and LTE-Advanced — as the name implies, the next iteration of the protocol — appears to be accelerating.

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10 Things to Know Before You Change Telecom Carriers

If you're planning on changing business phone and internet service providers there are a number of items you should be aware of. 

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Good Times Ahead for Telecom

The telecommunications services industry is riding on the high-end smartphone and tablet vogue. Unprecedented growth in high-speed mobile Internet traffic, in particular toward wireless data and video, has transformed the industry in the most evolving, inventive and keenly contested space. Any new network standard aims at faster data connectivity, quick video streaming with high resolution and rich multimedia applications.

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Gartner Outlines Eight Critical Forces That Would Shape Data Center Strategy

The importance, role and functionality of data centers will change over the next five years, leaving many organizations unclear on how to plan their future data center architectures, according to Gartner. The research firm said that technical, fiscal and service delivery concerns will be critical and organizations should plan around eight forces to shape their best data center strategies.

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