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What good is your telecom infrastructure if you have a 5 GB data line when you only need a GB while you may have underutilized or dormant PBX circuits though some of your stuff still doesn't have an extension...!!

In the exponentially growing competitive markets with businesses working in multi-vendor environments it is not just technology that is a key driver for business success but another rather seemingly ignored aspects that include infrastructure consulting & audit, customer support, service delivery & even response turnaround times to ensure operational excellence, improved bottom lines & accelerated growth. With businesses working round the clock across global locations catering to customers spread across time-zones telecom infrastructure has come to play a pivotal role in the overall business process functioning. Identifying the right telecom infrastructure, getting the best deals without compromising on service delivery & quality, let alone is a daunting task given the breadth & scope of services offered in the telecommunications domain. Latency in resolving issues, unknown bill particulars, dormant & underutilized infrastructure, maintenance & upgrade to help align the telecom infrastructure with the growing demands of the organization are the key challenges that major corporations face today. To formulate the best solution from a vast pool of vendors and a complex web of voice & data plans to give the best permutation for latest technology, scalable infrastructure, cost, quality & support, it is imperative to bring in a telecom infrastructure specialist.

ITC, having created key value differentiators for Fortune 500 companies working closely with them, offers an end-to-end telecom network performance management engagement. The more the choices the complex the solution; the more the variables more is the chaos. We create a detailed infrastructure plan identifying key pain areas, points of negotiation & recommendations that are tailored to the precise needs of the customer. Our customers benefit from utmost visibility to overall infrastructure planning, quality, value for money & high ROI.

Transparency is the currency of trust and at ITC we have always had an unbiased approach towards vendor valuation for our One-Stop-Shop offering of telecom carrier services that include:

  • Telecom Infrastructure Audit
  • Telecom Infrastructure Plan
  • Vendor Identification & Selection
  • Cost Benefit Analysis
  • SLA Negotiations
  • Ongoing SLA management
  • Disaster Recovery

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