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We offer contract, contract to hire, full time/permanent, on-site and offshore resources of the highest quality at the most competitive rates.

Our core competency, our ability to truly partner with you and understand your pain points.

Our core competency, our ability to truly partner with you and understand your pain points.
ITC believes true success manifests itself in meaningful relationships that propel achievement, encouragement and pride. We work to build a relationship with you, to understand your needs and your pain points that make it possible for us to do whatever it takes to provide you with the best possible service. This approach to customer satisfaction makes us the professional services organization of choice for our customers.

ITC focuses on understanding each customer's unique needs and implements delivery teams and processes in meeting those needs. ITC utilizes a proven and customized process called Rek engineering to consistently exceed our customer's expectations. Our strength is our commitment to earn your trust every day.

We believe that a relationship built on trust is a relationship that will last.
At ITC we believe that the entire system has to be  processed and quality driven. Our motto is Finesse at every step. It is how we run our company. We provide seamless execution and delivery of our services. We ensure our team has been given the right training, provided a nurturing and creative environment and are managed with an objective, metric based system. Our Quality process is based on our holistic approach that starts at the top and ends with great service.

Our core values drive our success:

  • Address the increasing and changing needs of our customers through constant process improvements. (Be proactive and flexible to change).
  • Partner with our customers to ensure they succeed (Understand the needs before trying to service the customers).
  • Provide the highest quality resources available in the market place by conducting in depth screening and evaluation before submission to the client (Ensure Rek engineering processes are followed diligently).
  • Ensure that our rates are the most competitive. (Business is about adding value and not about profits).
  • Treat our employees as clients. (We believe satisfied employees perform at the highest level and provide the highest quality services to our customers).

ITC Corp @ Identifying intellectuals that will resonate & assetize; aligning with company's goals creating a win-win relationship

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