Remote Infrastructure Management

Remote Infrastructure Management

Leave the mundane day to day work to the people who know it best. We can support, administer, own, manage and troubleshoot your entire infrastructure (end to end or a small segment) at a fraction of the cost that you are currently paying. Whether it is helping Desk support or Desktop support, system administration or network administration. Please leave it to us and sleep peacefully.

Striking a balance between financial performances keeping the technology infrastructure intact is always a challenge given the pace at which the technology is advancing. Tight infrastructure budgets but growing technology infrastructure needs are always a catch 22 situation which in either case impacts business growth. To not just strive but to succeed in a highly competitive market without jeopardizing the quality, it has become imperative for organizations to have efficient, adaptive, scalable yet cost-effective technology infrastructure. Leveraging IT to help reduce operational costs, aligning processes & eventually helping increase focus on core business have been the key discussions in most of the boardrooms. Advancements in information & communication technology have brought about a paradigm shift in the business landscape making it possible to access data, trouble shoots & resolve technology infrastructure issues even remotely sitting at the other end of the world.Independent research agencies estimate over 85% of technology infrastructure can be managed remotely that benefits businesses with:

  • No more redundant resource cost, skill up-gradation cost & fear of attrition
  • Reduced technology infrastructure maintenance cost
  • Increased focus on core business
  • Better utilization of technology infrastructure
  • Greater visibility & lesser down-times
  • Effectively manage resources

Outsourcing but right-shoring is critical to remote infrastructure management. ITC's approach to technology infrastructure services is centered on agility, flexibility, efficiency & superior service delivery. Having institutionalized state-of-the-art processes ITC has enjoyed a long term business relationship with Fortune 500 customers helping them align technology infrastructure with their growing business needs & changing priorities while tangibly reducing operations cost, enhancing delivery performance and optimizing internal processes.ITC has been at the forefront of Remote Infrastructure Management (RIM) services offering a wide genre of managed services that include:

  • IT Service Desk
  • Data Center Management Services
  • End-user application Services
  • Enterprise application Management services
  • Network management services
  • Security Management Services

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