• ITC's consultants come from varied backgrounds 98% of the candidates have a Bachelor's Degree and/or a Masters degree and many have PhD's in their field. The average experience¬†of our consultants is 8 to 10 years.
  • ITC's provides high value, strategic consulting services to our clients. All our consultants carry deep domain expertise and represent the finest in the business.
  • ITC's consultants have a clear vision of meeting the clients expectations and an die hard focus on quality and the desire for excellence.
  • ITC's has a reputation among our clients as a responsible resource consultant for providing quality technical consultants, to match the client's requirement. We build strong partnerships with our consultants, we take ownership of their career and ensure that we set them up for success.
  • ITC's has a proven process to help our clients y to advance and streamline their business operations, enabling them to leverage the technology resources and focus on their core competence.
  • ITC's provides a practical, measurement-based consulting approach that optimizes both individual human potential and collective business potential for every client. Our consultants tailor their approach to each project, analyzing business metrics and link objectives to business outcomes—helping each company meet its specific goals.

ITC Corp @ Identifying intellectuals that will resonate & assetize; aligning with company's goals creating a win-win relationship

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